What libs make GNOME GNOME2

In my efforts to put together a language bindings page for the
architecture section of developer.gnome.org
I found it difficult to define what libs make an application a GNOME2

To be clear, I don't want to recreate the GTK binding table
and I'm not certain I just want a table with different column headings. 
I see little point in listing dead/ancient bindings because I don't want
to mislead new developers that making a GNOME 1.2 app is going to work
well on a GNOME2 desktop.

I recently started hacking on the neglected Medusa package, and when I
was researching my language options, I was stumped looking for info
about what languages supported the libs I knew I needed, GConf, bonobo,
and gnome-vfs.  I've concluded that my assumptions about how complete a
language bindings must be are too strict, but is there a minimum
requirement to say some binding is a GNOME2 binding?

If that isn't possible should there a core list of libs that are marked
as partial or complete for each language?  This matter is complicated by
GNOME's fast development pace.

I'm under no delusion that we can produce a perfect list of language
binds, I just want to give new developer some help when they are make
decisions to join the GNOME project.

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