Re: What libs make GNOME GNOME2

Perhaps, the language bindings page could note how
complete the bindings are for:
*the "platform" libraries, which are API/ABI frozen
(e.g. GLIB)
*the "desktop" libraries, which make no such
guarantees (e.g. librsvg)
*and maybe an "other" category for libraries that
people are finding very useful but which have not yet
made their way in to either the Desktop or Platform

--- "Curtis C. Hovey" <sinzui cox net> wrote:
> In my efforts to put together a language bindings
> page for the
> architecture section of
> I found it difficult to define what libs make an
> application a GNOME2
> application.
> To be clear, I don't want to recreate the GTK
> binding table
> and I'm not certain I just want a table with
> different column headings. 
> I see little point in listing dead/ancient bindings
> because I don't want
> to mislead new developers that making a GNOME 1.2
> app is going to work
> well on a GNOME2 desktop.
> I recently started hacking on the neglected Medusa
> package, and when I
> was researching my language options, I was stumped
> looking for info
> about what languages supported the libs I knew I
> needed, GConf, bonobo,
> and gnome-vfs.  I've concluded that my assumptions
> about how complete a
> language bindings must be are too strict, but is
> there a minimum
> requirement to say some binding is a GNOME2 binding?
> If that isn't possible should there a core list of
> libs that are marked
> as partial or complete for each language?  This
> matter is complicated by
> GNOME's fast development pace.
> I'm under no delusion that we can produce a perfect
> list of language
> binds, I just want to give new developer some help
> when they are make
> decisions to join the GNOME project.
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