Re: What libs make GNOME GNOME2

On Tue, 2003-07-22 at 09:22, Andrew Coulam wrote:
> Perhaps, the language bindings page could note how
> complete the bindings are for:
> *the "platform" libraries, which are API/ABI frozen
> (e.g. GLIB)
> *the "desktop" libraries, which make no such
> guarantees (e.g. librsvg)
> *and maybe an "other" category for libraries that
> people are finding very useful but which have not yet
> made their way in to either the Desktop or Platform
> releases.

I'm learning that completeness is somewhat subject.  Python cannot
easily wrap bonobo, but it's light object and text abilities make it
ideal for libxml2.  The language will have binds to match it's strengths
and it's uses.  A percentage measure of matching APIs isn't relevant. 
Rating of 1-3 stars, but 3 not meaning complete, may be the best that
can be done.  Certainly, the hello world app that calls
gnome_program_init and nothing more is a GNOME app, unlike OpenOffice
which make extensive use of GTK.

I think a general rating and a few sentences describing the platform and
desktop APIs implemented is appropriate.  Noting strengths combination
of language and binding might be useful.

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