D-BUS [Re: A desktop framework/daemon]

<quote who="Alan Cox">

> > Applications (on the network and/or the localhost) can then ask the
> > daemon to get a layer of a clipboard in the history (A clipboard can
> > have different layers, or targets. For example the HTML view of such a
> > clipboard, or the TEXT view, the PNG view or whatever format the
> > application desires). Because such clipboards can be binary the content
> > will be or UUEncoded or served as a HTTP url 
> Please make it talk via X properties, otherwise its yet another network
> mess we don't need and another "doesnt work through firewalls" we don't
> want to deal with.

Hmm, so what is your perspective on D-BUS? Anyone else have opinions on
this? It has had positive feedback from LKML, and its plans certainly align
well with what we need, and what people want to do...

- Jeff

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