seahorse improvements

While I am actually relieved seahorse did not get included in gnome 2.4,
I would like to address the concerns brought up in the discussion. The
main reasons seem to be integration and too GPG oriented.

	* Integration
- Context menu: This is fairly straightforward and probably only needs
some UI love and simplification, so I'll leave this alone

- Capplet: Is the control center capplet is necessary? Most people
probably only have one key and would rather use Ascii Armor than binary,
so maybe not.

- Address/Contacts system: What if seahorse provided a Bonobo control
for a key? Should this be similar to the key properties window currently
in seahorse? This would provide good integration, but the key properties
window is the most complex, and probably most GPG oriented, part of
seahorse. Maybe a simpler view could be created with the help of the
usability team, and the ugly stuff could stay in seahorse?

- Plugins: This only requires motivation and time. Gedit is currently
the only one planned, but Gaim or Abiword would probably be next. Any

- Global Context: Seahorse could also provide a Bonobo Object that
contains the GPG(ME) context. This context could be used by any app that
desires, would obey the gconf settings for its protocol (PGP), and would
have a common passphrase entry dialog. It could also provide common
recipients and signature validation widgets.

- GnomeVFS: Keys could be viewed as files using GnomeVFS and properties
pages. This seems like a bit much to me, but maybe users would find it
easier do to key management. Users could browse to 'keys:///' and get a
listing of their keys as files, and if possible, photo ids would be
shown instead of icons.

	* GPG Oriented
I'm not sure what can be done about this. Perhaps use more verbose
explanations and simpler terms. But, users that don't really understand
the concepts probably shouldn't be using the software anyway. So, what
if the above integration was moved to its own module that could be
included in gnome, and the actual key management app could be a separate
(5th Toe) app? This way regular users could be spared the complications
of GPG and would only need to know that they have key pair for
encryption and signing, and can maybe do basic key validation in an
Address/Contacts setting. Power users could install Seahorse in order to
do full fledged key and key ring management.

Like Epiphany, I feel Seahorse should be built for Gnome; those that
don't use Gnome can use GPA. If this means 'crippling' Seahorse to make
it more usable in the Gnome framework, that is OK by me, as long as
there are suitable alternatives. I would appreciate any comments and
suggestions regarding future development, and if anyone would like to
help in coding these developments, please subscribe to
seahorse-devel lists sourceforge net and let us know.

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