Re: [Proposal] Remove some stuff from Application menu

On Tue, 2003-07-08 at 17:09, Shaun McCance wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-07-08 at 02:33, Darryl Rees wrote:
> Hmm, well, that was easy.  I have no objection to this, though I think
> 'files' should be capitalized.  On to the icon:  The house should go if
> the word home is going.  However, having a custom icon is nice, so
> somebody should probably think of something to replace it.  Personally,
> I think it'd be best just to use the folder icon and have Nautilus
> automatically stick some emblem on it, like it does with Desktop.
> --
> Shaun

If we're going to use the username, will it be capitalized?  "praxim's
Files" looks wrong entirely.  So we either use the real name (assumed to
be capitalized, I don't know where to get it) or capitalize the username
if we want it to look consistent.
As for the folder, I'm partial to the cascading documents emblem already
in Nautilus, but this might be confusing since it's already in use.

- Pat

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