Re: splash screen session and theme

Bill Haneman wrote:

How about making the splash screen image part of the icon theme? That way you can use the icon theme lookup functions to find the file. This way the standard splash screen could be part of the "gnome" theme in gnome-icon-theme, and it would be inherited by all the other gnome icon themes automatically. Also, icon themes could choose a splash image that matched the program icons it displays along the bottom edge while the session loads.
If you go down that path, why not make the default desktop background
part of the icon theme?

Well, it should. (DON'T FLAME PLEASE) Windows' theme manager has a background for themes <- evidently, only when the theme includes a background. I'd like to distribute a "DragonFear theme" (my personal look/feel/works) that included a background image, and be applied when metatheme is used. Including the splash screen theme into the metathemes would be a good idea, in my opinion. Perhaps having a separate splash theme capplet to revert to the default theme is a solution? We have to remember users may like the idea of portions of the theme being applied.

If you went down this path, you'd probably have to rename icon theme to
"Picture theme" or "Image theme" in all user visible areas (there is a
_long_ bug about the difference between these 2 and I can't remember
what the difference is).

If it only changed the icons, no renaming would be needed.

Perhaps it would be reasonable to put splash-screen and background-image
in a single Theme page?  I agree that those two seem more closely

I'd have to argue against the idea, because the startup splash screen is a process that runs on startup, and the background you get to see the rest of the time. People are accustomed to have a "background" or "desktop" setting applet, and I for one don't see the relation between these two concepts and a splash screen.

I figure that as there are icon themes and window manager themes and splash screen themes, they should be considered separate components of a metatheme, and have their own way of being changed, after applying a metatheme.

Please, please correct me if I'm talking big piles of garbage.  Luck!

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