Re: splash screen session and theme

<quote who="Mark McLoughlin">

> Well, that was my initial reaction. But it is a hugely visible part of
> GNOME so I think it makes sense to allow it to be changed somehow.
> Currently its a gnome-session preference ... adding it to the session
> properties capplet IMHO would be really silly but allowing theme authors
> to supply a different splash screen seems a lot less silly.
> Hmm, that's not a direct answer to "why is it interesting or important",
> though :-)

Yeah. We have a GConf key that distributors can change should they want to
(and they always do)... Why is it important to put this in the user
interface at all, let alone as part of theme management? Way technical users
can just fix up the GConf key themselves if they're that anal retentive. :-)

> Themes change the "look and feel" of GNOME. The splash screen image is a
> very prominent part of the "look" at least (but so is the desktop
> background image and that isn't themeable so ...)

Background image as part of the theme makes a lot of sense (esp. for a11y
themes), but I think the splash screen stuff is a bit OCD. :-)

- Jeff

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