Re: Toolbar Consistency Issues


On Tue, 2003-02-18 at 14:48, Rodney Dawes wrote:
> So,
> I went on a quest to make all of the toolbars in Gnome/Gtk+ (2.x) look
> consistent on my desktop machine today. And I succeeded.
> At you will see that it
> depends on 4 other bugs that are still NEW. The bug, 106337 contains a
> patch to GTK+ 2.2.0 that I was not aware was fixed in a different way
> before 2.2.1, so it has been RESOLVED DUPLICATE. The other 4 bugs
> contain patches to GTK+, libgnomeui, and libbonoboui, to fix the bug
> where drawing of the toolbars is inconsistent.

	Here's another inconsistency - its not a "visible" one, but still an

	Basically - BonoboToolbar has a keynav impl. GtkToolbar doesn't.
Whenever GtkToolbar gets keynav support it will (hopefully) be possible
for BonoboToolbar to work with it. Thus, Michael is in favour of
removing the BonoboToolbar keynav code until GtkToolbar keynav is done.
Thing is, I looked at doing this and it seemed quite difficult to figure
out which code to kill - there's a job crying out for someone with a bit
more patience :-)

Good Luck,

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