Toolbar Consistency Issues


I went on a quest to make all of the toolbars in Gnome/Gtk+ (2.x) look
consistent on my desktop machine today. And I succeeded.

At you will see that it
depends on 4 other bugs that are still NEW. The bug, 106337 contains a
patch to GTK+ 2.2.0 that I was not aware was fixed in a different way
before 2.2.1, so it has been RESOLVED DUPLICATE. The other 4 bugs
contain patches to GTK+, libgnomeui, and libbonoboui, to fix the bug
where drawing of the toolbars is inconsistent.

It would be really nice to get these into released tarballs soon, as
well. I'm sure most all of you will agree. It also will make our desktop
look much better. Thanks.

-- dobey

"So I gave up on that, and tried to install gstreamer. Get this. Their
 propose ``solution'' for distributing binaries on Red Hat systems? They
 point you at an RPM that installs apt, the Debian package system! Yeah,
 that's a good idea, I want to struggle with two competing packaging
 systems on my machine just to install a single app." -- jwz

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