Re: New from Iain's hack factory

On Mon, 2003-02-17 at 16:43, iain wrote:

> > 	How about not animating it at all? I'm pretty sure that that's what we
> > (Sun) did in the end - the animations are so god darn slow on some
> > systems and I don't really see what the animation gives you other than a
> > feeling of slowness ....
> Hmmm...
> I was thinking about that.
> How about dropping the saturation to 0 and dropping the brightness by
> 50% all at once, then displaying the dialog?

You are doing a full recomputation on every frame.  You could do it much
faster by just capturing the original image, then generating the final
unsaturated/darkened/whatever picture, and then doing a linear
interpolation between them.  Interpolating on each frame is much faster
than doing the full HSV computations.

I'm sure you could also throw in some MMX magic in there, but that's
left as an exercise for the initiated.


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