Re: Translate schemas files?

> gnome-applets and nautilus seem to be notably missing from the list.

LOL! I must look like a fool. The modules I checked were gnome-applets,
nautilus, gnome-terminal, ggv, and something else. I can't believe I
managed to check 5 modules without hitting one that DID translate
schemas. :-O Sorry for my over-generalized statement. :-)

> AFAIK, intltool marks all tag content inside <locale name="C"></locale>
> for translation, since the locale tag indicates that the contents are
> locale-specific. So, if the contents of <default></default> doesn't need
> translation and wouldn't need to be locale-specific, move that tag
> outside of the <locale name="C"></locale> span.

Thank you! That was the issue I was having!


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