Re: Icons don't get synced in the panel when they are changed in applications:///

On 13 Feb 2003 17:13:14 +1300
Mark McLoughlin wrote:

> > I'm not a hundred percent sure of this (as I don't have a copy of nautilus
> > available right now), but almost certainly setting a custom icon in the
> > nautilus properties window only changes the icon in nautilus metadata,
> > hence the custom icon would not be available to the panel. 
> 	Ah right - that makes sense :-) (well not sense, but you know what I
> mean)

Dave told me in IRC that there's a patch somewhere in bugzilla but it doesn't
fully work. If somebody could tell me where it is, I could have a look at it.
Although, I don't want to promise too much about fixing it ;-)


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