Re: Panel's GConf usage


On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 05:10, Christopher James Lahey wrote:

> I've been having specific problems with this.  When you change the
> schema out from underneath a panel installation that has some custom
> changes, things just get weird.  
> Unfortunately, the work around is easy, so I've been too busy with other
> things to diagnose what exactly is going wrong.  However, when you
> change the schema after having run the panel before, you get neither the
> original panel, nor the new panel, but mostly weird black panels with no
> applets.

	That's really weird - knowing how the current implementation works
(bugs and all) I don't see why that would happen ...

> When I have some free time I will investigate the details, but I would
> much prefer, for the future, if the panel set up were stored in an xml
> file.

	The problem here is not that we're storing the settings in GConf, the
problem is the current awful implementation. It should be a lot better
in 2.4 and things like this should work fairly well (as well as easier
to do)

Good Luck,

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