Re: gnome-terminal awfully slow. :-(

I did the same test here :

cd /usr/share
time ls -lR

gnome-terminal 2.2.1 : 
real    0m13.687s
user    0m1.340s
sys     0m0.420s

xterm :
real    0m7.399s
user    0m1.390s
sys     0m0.390s

-> Only 1.8 times slower, much less than you reported !
And I think it's a very little performance penalty, considering that
text is now fully antialiased !

-> btw, most of the annoying bugs were slashed recently in VTE (vim w/
numlock  !!), developers really made a great job.

Cedric Marcone

On Wed, 2003-02-12 at 00:00, Vlad Berditchevskiy wrote:
> Jason Tackaberry <tack auc ca> writes:
> >> slower on text output than in Gnome 2.0.x. :-( The slowness is even
> >> noticable by just moving the terminal window around the desktop. Not
> >> only the terminal text is slow, but also the menu. Other gnome 2.2
> > 
> > My hunch is you're using transparent gnome-terminal.
> No, I don't. Just a solid black background. I found an explanation of my
> problem in another thread (IIRC it was some redhat mailing list). The
> slowness is due to the fact that the new gnome-terminal is linked
> against libvte instead of libzvt by default, and vte seems to be much
> slower.
> The difference is tremendous. For example, if I execute "ls -lR
> /usr/share" I get the following results:
> gnome-terminal-2.2.1: about 1 minute 30 seconds
> multi-gnome-terminal: about 3.5 seconds
> xterm: about 3 seconds
> > I recommend you use a solid color as your gnome-terminal background, or
> > use Eterm, which handles transparency fairly nicely.  I personally have
> > chosen the former, and I find gnome-terminal's performance acceptable.
> I suppose that you use a version linked against libzvt. Unfortunately,
> current zvt's locale support is broken. :-(
> I've done some experiments with different terminals and decided to use
> multi-gnome-terminal[1]. It has some glitches, but it's very fast (zvt) and
> its i18n is not THAT broken (no UTF-8 support, but at least it works
> well wich Western European and cyrillic charset). And it also has some
> very nice features that other terminals do not have (split terminals,
> custom keybindings...)
> ____
> [1]

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