Re: Proposal: "Preview" shell for EoG/gpdf/ggv

Il lun, 2003-02-10 alle 12:39, Jeff Waugh ha scritto:
> Hi Martin, Jaka and Jens,
> So, Martin and Jaka have already posted about the idea of a single shell for
> viewing PS and PDF files using the ggv and gpdf backends.
> It occured to me this afternoon that EoG worked exactly the same way - it's
> an image viewing component with a minimal shell. Wouldn't it be cool if all
> three components used the same shell for static document viewing? (It would
> work very similarly to Apple's "Preview" utility in OS X.) Other apps could
> easily install components for this shell too... Holy cow -> Bonobo in the
> real world!

I absolutely agree. An homogeneous file [pre]viewer is a good thing. 

I hope this feature could be simply extended to other printable/viewable
files, as gnumeric or abiword.

For example: currently gedit uses Print Preview, so we'll could simply
make a "pipe" to pass it through the "Print Preview", generate a temp
ps, send the ps to "Nautilus Preview".

BTW: I hope the "Print Preview" and this generic previewer could be
share at least the interface.

Think bigger

			My uncle

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