Re: Proposal: "Preview" shell for EoG/gpdf/ggv

On Mon, 2003-02-10 at 12:39, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Hi Martin, Jaka and Jens,
Hi, Martin, Jeff and Jens ;)

> Someone is going to ask the question: "Isn't Nautilus supposed to be this
> 'super shell', huh?" The only sensible answer to that, of course, is: "You
> are an idiot." But seriously, Nautilus is really not the best place to be
> viewing files. Custom file list views, sure. Weird file viewers where files
> are meant to be, no.
of course nautilus must be fully supported as well. and any number of
other "general previewing shells" - that is precisely why a standard for
UI structure and properties is required. 

> Martin reckons he's ready to do this kind of thing for 2.4... How about it?
I'm all for it as well. Anyway, if gpdf is becoming the official part of
2.4, I'll be happily dumping pdf support from GGV.

I don't think that would be a very daunting task since most of the code
is already there - all we need to do (that is - all I need to do in GGV,
I really don't know about gpdf) is agree on the menu structure and a set
of standard properties and patch a few bits of the code to respect  the
new standard. My priorities for GGV - if I finally find some time - are
to rewrite both the rendering backend to use the libgs library (I
already have some code that does that in a separate branch in CVS) and
the DSC parser, which both should make GGV an Even Better PostScript
Renderer, bringing all you people many days of PostScript previewing joy



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