Re: Gtk/Gnome release schedules


Robert Mibus <mibus bigpond com> writes:

> > We (BT) are currently writing an application for Cisco, and some of the
> > issues raised by my own team are greatly to do with the file selection
> > dialog.  These include, the look, lack of functionality, and how it is
> > completely different to the Window's file selection dialog.
> Well hangon. Maybe some rearrangement of the dialog could give people a
> new *look* dialog that wouldn't suck so bad while people wait for the
> "real" new fs dialog.
> It may even be enough to merge the file and directory list boxes into
> one.

that would certainly not be an improvement. Have a look at the file
selector on Mac OS X. It has even more list boxes and IMO it is way
superior to the Windows file selector. Copying from Microsoft won't
give you a better file selector. IMO the current one is actually quite
useable due to its Tab-completion feature. It might look a bit
outdated and I'm all for a face-lifting but there's not much you can
do without breaking things.

> It should (IMHO) be possible without breaking too much (if
> anything).  The biggest issue may well be apps that use the list
> boxes directly. But they should be rare, surely?

the current file selector API forces developers to use the lists
directly so you can be sure that there are lots of apps that do.

Salut, Sven

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