Re: gpdf [Was: 2.3 Proposed Features]

Jaka Mocnik wrote:

when closing the window, ggv quits; when "close" from the file menu is
selected, ggv only closes the document but keeps the window open. I believe
I was advised to do that by someone from Sun's UI team.

Hi Jaka,
This is the correct behavior. As per the HIG the behavior of "Close"
button in file menu is as follows

Closes the current document. If it has unsaved changes, present the user with a confirmation alert giving the option to save changes, discard them,or cancel
the action without closing or saving the document.

If the window you are closing is the last open document in the applica-tion,
the correct action depends on your application type:

Controlled single document inter-face : leave only the control window open
Multiple document interface : close the current document and create a new blank document


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