Re: New toplevel behaviour

Sorry for the previous post...

> Le mar 11/02/2003 à 03:00, Havoc Pennington a écrit :
> > On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 02:33:17PM +1300, Mark McLoughlin wrote: 
> > > 	7) You can resize the panel by clicking on the edge and
> > > 	   dragging. Note, that you can change the width (height for
> > > 	   vertical panels) of floating panels. The idea is that
> > > 	   floating panels are "packed". I think this is a sensible
> > > 	   concept.
> > 
> > We should avoid this screenshot:
> > 
> >
> >  (part of
> > 
> > Probably it shouldn't be possible to do that. More generally, it
> > probably shouldn't be easy to accidentally resize the panel when
> > trying to click a launcher or menu.
> > 
> > One way to approach this (I guess basically what Windows XP does) is
> > to have things "locked" by default and you have to unlock them. Or
> > just limit resizing the panel to the prefs dialog as it traditionally
> > has been.

I totally agree that having the interactive mouse moving/resizing of the
panel enabled by default is a way to do unwanted nasty things, when you
only want to really use this feature say 1 or 2 times / year.

As havoc said, that could be locked by default, or you could have a
special interactive mode (click on moving/resizing panel menu, a dialog
appears in the center of the screen, saying "You can now move and resize
the panels", with a "Ok" button) where all the panel items are disabled
and resizing handles are highlited. This way you can move panel easily
(click anywhere in the panel and move it), and you can resize the panel
easily too.

(I must say that my personal vote would be for removing all the mouse
moving/resizing code in favor of a pref dialog :) )


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