Re: Proposal: "Preview" shell for EoG/gpdf/ggv

On Mon, 10 Feb 2003, Ole Laursen wrote:

> Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org> writes:
> > So, Martin and Jaka have already posted about the idea of a single shell for
> > viewing PS and PDF files using the ggv and gpdf backends.
> > 
> > It occured to me this afternoon that EoG worked exactly the same way - it's
> > an image viewing component with a minimal shell. Wouldn't it be cool if all
> > three components used the same shell for static document viewing?
> But isn't EoG for single images, whereas Postcript and PDF files are
> usually longer documents? When I invoke EoG, I want zooming and
> intelligent resizing of the window. When I use ggv/gpdf, I want it to
> provide page navigation commands and a window size/zoom level which is
> convenient for reading.

Welcome to the world of bonobo. This is all possible, if you have 
intelligent document views. They can merge all the menu and gui stuff they 
need. Look at the eog shell if no image is loaded and compare it to the 
ui after you loaded one.

Best wishes,


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