Re: Proposal: "Preview" shell for EoG/gpdf/ggv

On Mon, 2003-02-10 at 17:13, Chema Celorio wrote:
> gpdf needs love and Martin has been doing good work on it. However, I
> don't think that doing a shell to share the gui with ggv is the most
> important task at this point for gpdf. I'd rather have a better pdf
> viewer that one that can share the gui with ggv and eog. The "general
> preview thingie like OS X has" is a different project. I think the
> discussions made it sound like this was what Martin needed to do to make
> gpdf "part of GNOME", whatever that means.
no, no, no: I (oops, we all do;) want gpdf to become official part of
core gnome 2.4 desktop with or without its own private GUI. then I'll
finally be able to dump the miserable pdf support from GGV (that is
responsible for more than half the bugs reported;).

I just think that it would be a Good Thing(tm) to finally standardize
the menu structure so that my wondrous GGV component will fit in nicely
in nautilus, in my Ascetic Minimalist GGV Shell(tm) if there is one and
in someone else's Ultra Cool General Preview Shell(tm). And if such
standardization is to take place and become reality, then we obviously
need a proof-of-concept shell that is used for testing.



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