Re: New toplevel behaviour


On Fri, 2003-02-07 at 22:22, Emmanuel PACAUD wrote:

> I hope this behaviour only affects edge panels. I use a hidden floating
> panel centered at the bottom of my screen for the applets and launchers
> I don't want to allways see. The centered floating panel is a way to
> avoid unwanted apparition of the panel, because there is not much mouse
> operation to do in the bottom center of an application window (resizing
> of the window and use of the scrollbars is at the left bottom of the
> window). And I surely don't want to have to go to the corner of the
> screen to unhide the panel and have to go back to the center of the
> screen to use it.

	Sure - a floating panel doesn't hide into a corner unless it is in the
corner ...

Good Luck,

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