Re: New toplevel behaviour

Le ven 07/02/2003 à 02:33, Mark McLoughlin a écrit :
> Hi,
> 	There are some mildly controversial changes in the panel
> behaviour with the new toplevel widget.
> 	1) Autohiding hides into the corner of the screen. This change
> 	   was recommended by the usability team based on the fact the
> 	   unhiding the panel isn't any harder - you just throw the
> 	   mouse into the corner of the screen - but it makes
> 	   operations near the edge of the screen a lot less error
> 	   prone - previously you had to be careful not to go near the
> 	   hidden panel.

I hope this behaviour only affects edge panels. I use a hidden floating
panel centered at the bottom of my screen for the applets and launchers
I don't want to allways see. The centered floating panel is a way to
avoid unwanted apparition of the panel, because there is not much mouse
operation to do in the bottom center of an application window (resizing
of the window and use of the scrollbars is at the left bottom of the
window). And I surely don't want to have to go to the corner of the
screen to unhide the panel and have to go back to the center of the
screen to use it.



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