Re: labels on panel buttons??

> 	I always thought that the motivation for the "label on right" button
> policy for toolbars was exactly to give more clickable size to most
> frequently used buttons. This buttons are used so often that it has no
> sense that this label is for intuitiveness. I suppose it's the reason
> why only most frequently used add a label to its side. (It's my
> opinion).
> ...

I still think labels on panel buttons are suspect.  It'd be better to
make such buttons user-resizeable (and persist that size, of course); in
that way the user could decide exactly "how big" was big enough, and
which buttons were the most "frequently used".  Doing this by adding
text to some buttons seems like a kludge with potential nasty
side-effects, i.e. it would introduce new usability problems.

> 	It drives in a clear way the usability problem of too small buttons.
> And it let we create only-text buttons ala XP.
Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com>

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