Re: desktop-devel-list digest, Vol 1 #1020 - 16 msgs

> Currently, launchers are just icons sitting on the panel, with tooltips.
> There was a bit of discussion a while ago about giving them labels, for a11y
> and clarity purposes:
>   [*] Mozilla  [o] CD Player  [o] Terminal

I don't think this is needed for accessibility; good tooltips are just
as good (since we can pop up tooltips from the keyboard, and tooltip
text is exported via our accessibility API also).  What's needed is
atk_object_set_name () to be called on these launchers, or provided via
the launcher machinery (this works for some launchers already).

Adding labels can actually be a headache for accesibility, since it
makes everything take more space; think of the implication if you choose
a large print font!

If we add this, we'd want the option to turn it off (globally), so that
we didn't run out of space in such cases.  the panel already has
difficulties with the "Large" theme and font settings.


> I guess they'd work similarly to toolbar buttons -> tall panels would look
> like toolbars with labels at the bottom, short panels would look like text-
> on-the-right toolbars.
> - Jeff

Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com>

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