RE: Gtk/Gnome release schedules

Hi Martyn, Bob, Owen,

	Since this is an emotive topic, and there are never any shortage of
people crawling out of the woodwork to tell Owen to work even harder /
faster :-) I think we should recognise, that since we are lumbered with
at least 1 deprecated file selector (FS) API, we all agree that it's
worth taking time to make sure that the new one is solid.

	Also; some of the other bits in the new gtk+ plan, such as (eg.) the
auto-completion stuff for GtkEntries is (perhaps) tied to the
implementation of the FS.[1], and also fairly tricky to get right
(AFAIR from talking to Clahey/Trow).

	It seems to me that we should all wait until Owen is 100% happy with
the new FS code, which could be as long as it takes.

	Having said that - it would be nice to think that if
Owen/Kris/Hadess/Whomever got abnormally hyperactive and produce
something that everyone likes RSN, that we could (perhaps) do a stop-gap
Gtk+-2.4 release, based off the 2.2 branch, with only the new FS API [
and internal auto-completion stuff ? ].

	Owen - is that a reasonable straw for the hopeful to clutch at for the
moment ? that _might_ then result in getting something beautiful for
Gnome 2.4 - assuming that is that Gnome sticks with the 6 month



[1] - that is assuming that Gtk+ will not provide a fully abstract file 
      selection API, without wanting to provide an implementation too.
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