Re: Gtk/Gnome release schedules

On Tue, Feb 04, 2003 at 06:38:21PM -0500, Jody Goldberg wrote: 
> If gtk needs longer than 6 months for 2.4 fine, its nice to know
> that up front.  Why not make gnome 2.4 a longer cycle to correspond
> to the planned 2.4 period.

Assuming we want to match gtk/gnome period, we want the same period
for gtk/gnome but not in sync. Right now they're in sync. So we would 
need to do either:

 a) GNOME 2.4 in 6 months, GTK 2.4 in 9, GNOME 2.6 in 12, GTK 2.6 in 15
                           ^ (with filesel/menus/toolbar/combo)


 b) GNOME 2.4 in 9 months, GTK 2.4 in 6, GNOME 2.6 in 15, GTK 2.6 in 12
                           ^ (punting everything but filesel)
and then we'll have things arranged more nicely.

Both a) and b) imply that GNOME 2.6 will be able to use new
menu/toolbar/filesel APIs in their final GTK form, vs.  some internal

b) implies that GNOME 2.4 will be able to use the filesel API
in final GTK form.

b) has a longer schedule for GNOME 2.4 which has a list of
disadvantages I've already complained about at length.

Both plans punt at least some features to the 15 month timeframe.

Honestly, it's probably close to a tossup.

Your mail almost seems to suggest:

 c) GNOME 2.4 in 12 months, GTK 2.4 in 9, GNOME 2.6 in 18, GTK 2.6 in 15

if you meant that, that one seems worse than a) or b) to me. In
particular I see no advantage to it vs. a) - it basically just skips a
GNOME release we could make in the summer, for no good reason.

So I dislike c).


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