Re: Legacy apps and themes

"Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro" <gjc inescporto pt> writes:

> > The only UI I could possibly think of for this would be the font to use,
> > but I think leaving it as a GConf key is perfectly acceptable.
>   I use GNU Emacs with the traditional darkslategray/wheat color scheme,
> and I don't want to see it changed in any circunstance.  It follows that
> we want to be able to limit the effect of grdb to a subset of the
> applications, or disable it altogether.  gconf keys are sufficient,
> however, no UI is necessary.  Just keep a *minimal* set of options for
> power users, please!

Another problem is xdvi. It really isn't terribly great to have gray
background in the text area in xdvi. But perhaps that's more a bug in

Ole Laursen

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