Re: Little report about new panel properties

On Mon, 2003-04-07 at 16:12, Gaute Lindkvist wrote: 
> > And now a little feature request
> >
> > 1) what about not full expand? Something like "Expand 60% of available
> > space", I mean.
> >
> I just want to state my opinion on this one. KDE has something a bit
> similiar and it just feels extremely unprofessional
> (they have a slider from 0 to 100).
I wrote "like" :-) 

> I cannot even imagine why someone would like their panel to be smaller
> than what is needed (do you want to make it scrollable?).
No, absolutely. 
But actually you can only 
        * expand panel: panel fit all available vert./horiz. spacing
        * don't expand panel: used space come from nested applets
I like to have a third "layout in the middle", minimizing options. So
100%=expand  and others % 

> The only right way I can imagine doing this, is being able to take the
> edge of the panel and drag it the size you want with the mouse. If this

Interesting. But there is a trouble: actually you move the entire panel
dragging it's corners. Something like Right click -> resize?

Think bigger

			My uncle

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