Little report about new panel properties

I play a bit with the new (2.3) gnome-panel: absolutely cool!

No more menu panel, finally!

But there are some small annoying stuff, related to the "Panel
Properties" dialog:
        * adjust spacings (see HIG)
        * add "pixels" near size_spin (see HIG)
        * use bold in labels, as well as other properties dialogs?
        * transparency is a sub-option of "Solid Color" (BTW
          s/Color/color), so the slider should be under color selector

Attached .glade file _should_ fix all

And now a little feature request

1) what about not full expand? Something like "Expand 60% of available
space", I mean.

2) Round corners for not fully expanded panels?

Think bigger

			My uncle

Description: application/glade

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