GNOME Direction (was Awesome new Mozilla roadmap!)

I was trying to understand why many "power" users don't agree with or
understand GNOME ideological direction. Reading all Ali posts reminds me
comments of many people I know who are interested in computers.
They are such people that know a lot more than normal users about
computers and just enjoy playing with it. Usually they are not using
software to do any real job (professional graphics design etc). Just
turn PC on and play. Because of their knowledge of the system they
forgot what problems they have when they started to use it. Every new
version of soft they get is a toy to play. 
Times goes on and "playuser" starts to write their own soft and become
developer. And here we are. Many developers are ex-playusers and lost
their touch with Stupid Joe they were. Some of them are talented
developers but still don't understand that desktop is a tool to get work
done. They like features and usability is not a problem for them.
When I was on first year of computer science most of my school
colleagues (including me) were writing programs that were just hard to
use to average user. But couple of years later I can't find one that
don't understand the HIG problem. So I am happy with current GNOME
direction. There many things to do but direction fits my view of

I don't think I would like to use a cell phone with communication geek
toys exposed to the user. Would you?

Cheers, and sorry for my tragic English.
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