Re: Awesome new Mozilla roadmap!

On Sunday 06 April 2003 17:20, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> Not really sure what you mean by his attitute.

I'm not entirely sure if you get anything at all. But you should read your own 
comment before pressing the 'send button'. I don't even know if I should take 
your reply serious at all, specially the way it was written.

> As far the 70%, that would be a good topic for a poll on

Maybe on a neutral place and unbiassed. But you should spent more time reading 
comments of people on various places then you understand that this 'poll' is 
not really necessary. But to start with:

You are heavily ignoring these kind of comments as everyone else here is 
ignoring them.

> > You may not belive this but I got quite "A LOT" private emails the last
> > days from people exactly from this list or the places you mentioned who
> > told me to be right with what I wrote.
> Feel free to forward these mails on or make them public somewhere (hiding
> the email addresses of course).  I'm sure I can tell the difference
> between real ones and faked ones on content.

Did you read the *private* in my previous writing. I don't want to lose 
confidence of the people who wrote to me so sorry. But now while we are at 
it, let me offer you something.

Let's open a new mailinglist named however you like and have it used as 
serious place for such kind of feedback where your own people (not 
necessarily the people outside) finally come up with their concerns and write 
what they like and what they don't like. Not the normal 'yes' saying way as 
it happens here for the past couple of years. Strangely is that whenever I 
exchange lines with people they wholeheartly agree with me or I agree with 
them. Read the 2 examples (Links) above but I'm quite sure you find excuses 
for them too.

> Seriously, to get your posts taken seriously, drop some of the common
> slandering themes you keep recurring back to.  There *are* useful comments
> in your posts, but your signal-to-noise-ratio is pretty low because of the
> silly stuff you keep coming back to, like
> - gconf is evil
> - gnome is hijacking X
> - gnome is overtaking all other projects known to mankind (I'm sure Bill
>   is sleeping very badly since 2.2 got out)
> - I'm calling you a dictator but don't take it personal because I said
>   sorry at the end of my rant
> Stick to facts and personal opinion here and there without name-calling
> and you'll get a much more receptive audience.

But these are my points. Why do you want me to change the objective of my main 
concerns within GNOME ?

Know what and again a fair public reply to you, and my apologizes to those who 
may find it insulting. That's a common mistake: a) ignoring feedback, b) 
ignoring people, c) thinking to dominate the world with a poorly written 
desktop and still beliving that this poorly written desktop is exactly the 
right one for business and customers and d) calling all sorts of people and 
all sorts of places to be TROLL just because they have a different opinion 
than you.

I respect the work of everyone here and I have nothing personal against anyone 
here, seriously, you all here are without doubt friendly nice people and we 
can always sit down somewhere and drink the one or the other beer together 
but please also accept 'critics' without critics you continue this monoton 

To leave heat out of this Mailinglist you can easily private email me and we 
continue the conversation there.

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