RE: Awesome new Mozilla roadmap!

> The adoption of a simpler interface by is very positive and
> partially overlap our project goals but I think there is still a very strong
> point to continue our effort.
> I think the native interface is the best way to achieve the GNOME integration
> a browser need to be really usable. It's easier and more likely to produce
> good results. Native widgets and HIG compliance are alone already worth
> the effort.

I really think that if we need a native browser to make it usable, then
there is something broken in the Linux desktop area. And creating a
"native" browser won't fix the actual problem which is that non-GTK apps
don't integrate well in GNOME and non-QT apps don't integrate well in
KDE. So, instead of writing a native GNOME web browser, wouldn't it be
smarter to work on Phoenix integration on the GNOME/KDE desktops (maybe
using standards) ?

As for the HIG compliance, why not trying to make Phoenix HIG-compliant
? Why would'nt Phoenix developers want their app to be HIG-ified ?

> I think there are very good reasons to encourage mozilla interoperability
> (not last that galeon/epiphany will benefit from them too). But I'm also
> convinced the better way to reach the goal of an usable browser for GNOME
> is to use their embedding technology (as even Blizzard seem to suggest).
> So, in short, the adoption of Phoenix encourage us to keep up our simplification
> effort and to push forward system integration.
> Another aspect of the new roadmap is the adoption of a more modular architecture,
> with the GRE being the base of both native and multiplatform browsers. Well,
> these are just great news for us ...
> I think GNOME should seriously consider to use Gecko as unique render engine
> in the future, when the editing problems are solved.

I think the main interest of having the GRE is that it will be easy to
embed HTML display/creation in Linux apps and I think we agree on that.
But as I said upper, I think that should not be a reason to write a web
browser from it as there is already a soon-to-be-great browser based on
it and called (temporarily) Phoenix. I'd like to see GRE used in
Evolution, Nautilus and GNOME-Help but I wouldn't like to have to choose
between Phoenix, Epiphany and Galeon as I really think it is possible to
focus on the development of 1 perfect web browser that fits well on
Linux, whichever desktop you use.

> Hope this is what you wanted to know. Feel free to ask more if the reply
> was not satisfactory :)
> Marco
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