RE: Awesome new Mozilla roadmap!

On Fri, 2003-04-04 at 15:00, Julien Olivier wrote:
> As for the HIG compliance, why not trying to make Phoenix HIG-compliant
> ? Why would'nt Phoenix developers want their app to be HIG-ified ?

Because Phoenix's goal is not to be a GNOME HIG-compliant browser. is still working on Camino (aka Chimera) because (I imagine)
Phoenix won't ever be Apple HIG compliant. Neither will it ever be GNOME
HIG compliant - its designed to have a consistent cross-platform

Building out own browser shell that fits our own HIG and targets our
users while using and participating in the development of the GRE
browser core makes a lot of sense. Everyone wins - we get a nice
compliant browser that fits well into our UI design, mozilla gets more
users using their layout engine and more developers contributing to it
and users get to choose what sort of interface they want on their
browser without having to compromise on performance or standards



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