TARBALLS DUE: First 2.1.x snapshot, this Friday!

Hi all,

Okay, it sounds scary...

  "Tarballs due? 2.0.2 was only last week!"
  "Oh man, I haven't even branched yet."
  "They're not..."
  "Far out, they want 2.1.x stuff?"
  "Excuse me, I have to go to the little prankster's room."
  "I'm not even supposed to be here today!"

... but really it's not. Really.

Tarballs are due on Friday, 27th September for the first 2.1.x snapshot.

This includes a three day mini-delay so that we have all of this week to
release tarballs, and the weekend to route out any problems between them
(the schedule lists the 27th as the release date).

We will only be releasing modules from the 2.0.x list for this snapshot, as
we have not finalised the 2.1.x module list. That said, if you're working on
software that has been proposed for the 2.2 Desktop release, please make a
release this week so we can begin testing your modules, and getting them on
the release train [1] ahead of time.

  (install-module will be re-enabled later tonight, AEST time, so if you're
  immensely keen to release right now, please just let me know.)


- Jeff

[1] We Brake For Nobody.

                          No pants is good pants.                           

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