Re: Recently used applications

Le jeu 31/10/2002 à 14:12, Yanko Kaneti a écrit :
> > 
> > You missed the point. This is still a task, not a document. 
> I'd say you are purposefully missing mine. The icons could easily be
> named "Steve irc" and "#chatroom" depending on the mindset of the user.

Humm ... Yes somewhat ;p
As for icon, I actually agree.

> Anyway...
> On the subject at hand I agree there should be a recently used app list
> somewhere. Perhaps the winxp approach is optimal.

As for knowing if it is optimal, I don't know. I would just say it is
not so bad. I wanted to point this not good vs bad.

Danigo Ludovic
<ldng nerim net - ldng free fr>

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