Re: Recently used applications

On Mon, 2002-10-28 at 19:33, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Was the feature not wanted, or the placement of the menu?
>   (I think the placement of both the recent docs and recent apps menus is
>   kind of a hard problem with our current menus, but both are very useful.)

see bug 93350

Pretty much agreed we didn't want the feature, calum and I discussed
this in the bug, open to reconsideration if needed though. 

The rationale for recent documents is that it moves the interface
towards a more document centered approach, hence users can think about
the objects they want to manipulate rather than the tools they want to
use to manipulate them with. This feature is a real step forward.

Recent applications on the other hand would be an arbitrary category of
applications that have no relation to each other than they have been
recently used. IMO, having such category just shows inadequacies in the
existing menu categories (if there are any, i don't know if theres a
problem in gnome, but in windows i suspect this is the reason for the


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