Re: Recently used applications

How about organizing the "Recent Documents" menu by application type? For instance, text documents would be group together, spread sheets would be grouped togeter, etc. Then there could be a header menu item for each group which launches the default application for that file type without loading a document. Say you have The GIMP setup to handle image files and AbiWord set as your word processor--you'd have a list like:

| Image Editor (The GIMP) |
|ImageFileYouOpened-1.png |
|ImageFileYouOpened-2.png |
| Word Processor (AbiWord)|
|TextFileYouOpened-1.abw  |
|TextFileYouOpened-2.abw  |

And so on...
This way users could have easy access to the programs they use the most, and you could add in something like "IRC Client" as a header--it just be directly followed by another header. Of course, list would need to be editable to that users can select what headers are visible, but some sane defaults would provide a nice start for most users.


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