Re: Recently used applications

Le mer 30/10/2002 à 01:37, Todd Kulesza a écrit :
> How about organizing the "Recent Documents" menu by application type? 
> For instance, text documents would be group together, spread sheets 
> would be grouped togeter, etc.  Then there could be a header menu item 
> for each group which launches the default application for that file type 
> without loading a document.  Say you have The GIMP setup to handle image 
> files and AbiWord set as your word processor--you'd have a list like:
> +-------------------------+
> | Image Editor (The GIMP) |
> +-------------------------+
> |ImageFileYouOpened-1.png |
> |ImageFileYouOpened-2.png |
> +-------------------------+
> | Word Processor (AbiWord)|
> +-------------------------+
> |TextFileYouOpened-1.abw  |
> |TextFileYouOpened-2.abw  |
> +-------------------------+
> And so on...
> This way users could have easy access to the programs they use the most, 
> and you could add in something like "IRC Client" as a header--it just be 
> directly followed by another header.  Of course, list would need to be 
> editable to that users can select what headers are visible, but some 
> sane defaults would provide a nice start for most users.
> Todd

This the best _trade-off_ I've read so far. Thanks. Now try to make everyone
on that ! (good luvk ;p)

Danigo Ludovic
<ldng nerim net - ldng free fr>

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