Re: Recently used applications

On Tue, 2002-10-29 at 19:37, Todd Kulesza wrote:
> How about organizing the "Recent Documents" menu by application type? 
> For instance, text documents would be group together, spread sheets 
> would be grouped togeter, etc.  Then there could be a header menu item 
> for each group which launches the default application for that file type 
> without loading a document.  Say you have The GIMP setup to handle image 
> files and AbiWord set as your word processor--you'd have a list like:

Your general idea is good, but association with an application is
probably bad (part of the purpose of recent documents is to escape the
concept of applications).

an idea i had that is similar is a top level "Recent" menu, that
contains sub-menu categories such as "pictures," "spreadsheets,"
"Movies"  etc. The one issue that i'm most concerned about though is
that the menu entries are not static and may change often. (which may be


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