Re: Recently used applications

On Tue, 2002-10-29 at 01:50, John McCutchan wrote:

> Yes, I switched over some people from Windows XP to gnome 2 (RedHat 8)
> And a repeated comment, was where are the list of my recent applications?
> People like this feature, most people would use Word, Internet Explorer,
> Excel and Windows Media player all the time, so they would always be in
> that list. So for them it was a two click process instead of a one click
> scan list (That as a non power user you are unfamiliar with and don't
> care to get familiar with), click. 

> A comment I got was "I hate having to search through the menus just to find 
> my movie player".

Sounds like you're in a great position to gather some usability data for
us here :)  Some things it would be useful to find out:

- Why didn't those users create shortcuts for those application in XP's
shortcut bar, which would have allowed them to launch them with a single
click rather than two or more?

- Similarly, why would they prefer a recent applications menu in GNOME
over the ability to create a launcher on the panel?


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