Re: GNOME Power Tools: Every GNOME Geek's Batbelt!

<quote who="Malcolm Tredinnick"/>

> > Ahr, see, I decided to call this Power Tools, because the configuration
> > thingy we've always talked about has been referred to as 'CrackPipe'.
> > :-)
> Which, as has also been discussed should stop. Denigrating the fact that
> people like things different from the default is in no way constructive.

It's a small piece of humour, which I thought was an extremely funny in-joke
for people outside GNOME development to hear about. "That's an... odd...

> And the "no crack" or "crackpipe" designations are just that -- they imply
> the setting is pointless and damaging. Please get over this mental block.

So, given that I've already said that the implementation of The CrackPipe
Dream (which pretty much everyone would love to see) will absolutely,
definitely go into powertools, do I still have a mental block here? :-)

Think of it as a pet name.

- Jeff

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