Re: GNOME Development Series Snapshot 2.1.1: "Flux Capacitor"

<quote who="Havoc Pennington"/>

> The main problem I know of right now is that fontconfig/Xft2 don't end
> up working 100% "out of the tarball" - here are some issues I've seen
> that may or may not be fully fixed:
>  - jhbuild can't figure out the fcpackage tarball in its "bootstrap"
>    phase (I somewhat hacked this, and sent a patch to jamesh a while
>    ago)

Had the same trouble with GARNOME... fcpackage is one crazy crack tarball.

>  - tarballs install out of prefix (there's a configure option to 
>    fix this but it's a nonstandard one people may not find)

GARNOME handles this.

>  - the include files aren't properly subdirectory-fied, we have a
>    patch in Red Hat packages for this, but you can get confusion 
>    with Xft1 or something by default

Oh, I'll have to grab this. I had problems building mozilla with xft, and
ended up having to LD_PRELOAD libXft2 for it to work. Yick. ;-)

>  - the default installed configuration resulted in micro-1-pixel fonts
>    for me

Hrm, a few GARNOME users have stumbled upon this too -> haven't worked out
what it is.

> Anyway, we should probably have a go at getting fontconfig/Xft2
> working out-of-box on non-fontconfig/Xft2 systems, Jeff maybe you
> could use GARNOME to experiment?

Attempting to do so... 0.18.0 was a bit of a lame duck for it. :-)

So, I'm doing a 0.18.2 with fontconfig back in (thanks Owen for the
cluestick re: FreeType backend), but I'm not building Xft2 due to XFree86
and Xrender dependencies/problems.

Would be very nice to fix soon. I want GARNOME to be in the cool kids'
xft2-enabled GNOME distribution club too. :-)

- Jeff

  "I run Linux on pretty much everything except the microwave and washing   
     machine. Those are tempting targets but would probably make Telsa      
                        extremely cross." - Alan Cox                        

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