Re: bonobo-activation breaking login

<quote who="Michael Meeks"/>

> On Sat, 2002-10-19 at 22:05, Luis Villa wrote:
> > This isn't Cool(tm) and breaks the 'CVS must always be buildable and
> > testable' philosophy that we're trying to keep in the devel branch.
> But wait - it was built, and got tested.
> I think the trick is to keep calm about such things, no one sets out to
> deliberately break things, and this was a big step forward for a small
> step back. If it becomes mandatory to re-login on pain of screaming per
> check-in I suspect that very little work will get done in fact.


Luis was not attacking you for the breakage, merely asking that it be fixed,
and noting that we ought to try our best to keep CVS testable and buildable
as much as possible. It's a worthy goal, but there's little need to put up
straw man arguments when we don't reach it.

It's okay to break the tree every now and then. It's also okay to point it
out to maintainers and others so we can get it back on track.


- Jeff

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