Re: bonobo-activation breaking login

man, 2002-10-21 kl. 11:03 skrev Michael Meeks:
> Hi Luis,
> On Sat, 2002-10-19 at 22:05, Luis Villa wrote:
> > It appears that somewhere in the giant slew of changes checked in to b-a
> > on the 18th something broke; logins from current CVS now hang ...
> 	Good.
> > This isn't
> > Cool(tm) and breaks the 'CVS must always be buildable and testable'
> > philosophy that we're trying to keep in the devel branch.
> 	But wait - it was built, and got tested.
I've built HEAD over the weekend and I haven't seen this problem, so
maybe it's not as obvious as it seems?

> 	I think the trick is to keep calm about such things, no one sets out to
> deliberately break things, and this was a big step forward for a small
> step back. If it becomes mandatory to re-login on pain of screaming per
> check-in I suspect that very little work will get done in fact.
I'm with Michael here. We can't test every concievable aspect of every
checkin. This is where the users come into play :)


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