Re: help with gnome_display_help()

Am Fre, 2002-10-18 um 06.56 schrieb Satyajit Kanungo:
> Is there a "program_init()" in your code . If yes what is application
> name you are passing in it. gnome_display_help will actually search
> for the help  file in the directory (in $prefix/share/gnome/help/
> with the same name as passed in program_init() ) .
> Could you tell me what is you application name  and what is the help
> file name . Also are you gnome_help_display() or 
> gnome_help_display_desktop() .
> regds
> satya

No, there's no program_init() in my code, as the program is a applet.
However, somehow I managed to get it working now :-) Don't know what
made the ball roll (I didn't really change anything in the code), must
have been something on the Makefile/linking level that was wrong
(sometimes a "make distclean" and fresh "./" causes wonders to

But thanks for your help :-)


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