RE: Focus after launch.

On Fri, 2002-10-18 at 05:53, Deepa Natarajan wrote:

> I have faced the same problem on the menu panel. When I click on the
> Actions menu the item which previously had focus continues to have 
> focus. (In my case the gnome-terminal launcher). So it's almost like 2
> items have focus on the panel at the same time.

This particular inconsistency is really down to the fact that I presume
we can't give focus to and/or show a focus indicator around the
GtkMenubars on the panel, which is what ought to happen in this case. 
Hopefully when we replace those with the menu applet, this inconsistency
will go away as the applet will be properly focusable.

Is anybody working on the menu applet again yet?  We really need it

> I am not sure but could the panel itself have focus, i.e. no applet is
> focused. And then a Tab would focus the first applet on the panel. (my
> 2 cents ;)

We used to have the concept of the panel itself being focused, but it
proved to be very unpopular-- for accessibility reasons, you have to
visually indicate that the panel has focus, and none of the solutions we
proposed were accepted by the community.  It was also of little
practical use, since the only thing you *needed* to focus the panel for
was to pop up its context menu.  In the end we just decided just to add
a new keyboard shortcut for that function instead (Ctrl+F10), and do
away with the idea of being able to focus the panel.

So personally I think the current behaviour is correct, apart from the
menu problem Deepa mentions.


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