All animations should be disableable

There has been much flaming about the Metacity minimise animation and
I'm sure that there will be if the launch feedback in 2.2 isn't

You don't need to explain to me why preferences are bad or why these
animations are there in the first place. I'm a stong believer in the
Gnome to philosophies.

What I cannot work out is what the negitive effects of having a "disable
minimse animation" gconf key. How would that option possibly impact the
"web of preferences" negitively. Turing of an animation has no knock on
effect AFAIK. 

So what are the arguements against adding these particualar options? To
me the upside are:
1. Helps ppl running gnome2 on slow hardware
2. Allow's advanced users some control without negitively effecting
"non-technical users"

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