Re: automake/conf examples


> > Ok, here's some specifics:
> > I'm using glade-2/libglade for interface.  I've got a main window, some
> > sub dialogs, and some sub windows.  When I looked at a couple packages,
> > the interface stuff was in src/dialogs/, but they all seemed to be
> > dialogs.  Since the main window is not a dialog, I currently have it in
> > src/.  Is this ok, and should the sub windows be in src/ or
> > src/dialogs/?
> galeon and gnomeicu put their glade files in an ui directory, totem puts
> them in a data dir, so you can do as you like :)

Oh, please no. Maybe now is the time to start looking at the /etc and
/share directories and come up with some type of formal
guideline/policy. Yeah, I guess it's put your money where your GEP is :/

			See ya,
				Glynn :)

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